My fitness goals for last week were: 1. Set up my yoga space. Didn’t happen.  I tried but unpacking my sewing room was complicated by the fact that I found out that part of my fabric had been dumped into […]


I am still sort of following the plan that I found for learning to run a 10 K.  I haven’t been overtaken by a huge urge to run that far yet but I like having a plan.  I say I’m […]

Working Out

I found a park with trails by a lake and a river to walk on at lunch time. They don’t go very far but it works for a short break. I am totally confused by my running situation. Last year […]

My day

M-11 and A-5 of Dear Jane. A-5 is hiding a bit ashamedly because after fussy cutting lizards most carefully I trimmed the whole block off center. We will never speak of this again. _______________________________ The SO belongs to a gym. […]


I can’t believe that I did this again. They got to me by hanging a flyer at the dog park so I saw it over and over again and it got into my brain. I knew that today I had […]

Running Proof

Well, sort of proof. We could have just been standing around with stolen race numbers. That’s Paige from St. Louis and me after the AVMA 5K. Note the redness of my face. I’m a super white person so I flush […]


I have a running coach. I didn’t really mean to have one. It started innocently enough. The SO wanted to go to the track to run when I did. The first time we did our own thing. The second time […]


I did speed work today. On a track. Like a real runner. And I got up at 7:00 AM on a Saturday to do it. I walked a lap and then ran a timed lap at my normal pace to […]

This week

Today’s Workout – Ran 1.5 miles and walked 1 mile (warm up and cool down – getting to where I wanted to run and getting back) I decided that I should go out and run on a flatter part of […]

A Miracle!

I ran 3 miles today! I can work that into any sentence. “I need to take a shower because I ran 3 miles today.” “I’m too tired to do the dishes because I ran three miles today.” When we left […]

The Workout Blues

I signed up for I get a workout to do four days a week. I am free to add other workouts on top of these as I wish. It is also T minus 17 days to my first 5K […]

Running Breakthrough

I’ve been being an exercise wimp. I’ve been running intervals because my brain is convinced that I can’t run for longer periods. As soon as I start breathing a bit hard my brain screams, “Stop!” So today I decided that […]

Our Injury Report

Several months ago I signed up for a 5K race at a veterinary convention in August. August is a long, long time away. I recently came to the conclusion that August is now sneakily less than two months away. I […]