We went out and got us some culture yesterday. Not culture like we might be infectious but culture like arts and stuff. We went to see Wicked. I love the book and never really wanted to see the musical because they are so different. I loved that the book is tragic and almost everyone dies. The musical is a bit perkier.

I really enjoyed it though. I’m a sucker for musicals. I got to dress up fancy. My standard for work clothes is, “Am I going to be sad if this gets hair and body fluids on it?” If no, it is ok to wear. So I get excited sometimes when I get to dress girly. I wore some old black and white flats. I always get compliments on them. I wore them to Jeopardy! They’ve been my friends. Yesterday they ate my heels for a snack.

Fast forward to today. I wanted to go for a run. I wanted to go three miles. I came home and changed from my crocs to my running shoes and screamed. My heels hurt! I added more bandaids. They still hurt. Of course I then got in my car and drove to the bike path. I loosened my shoes so they didn’t rub so much but I was in danger of tripping. I still thought I could do it. I started to run. Within 10 strides I was saying, “Ok, maybe go fast for 1 mile and call it a day.” Within 30 strides I was done. My logical side of my brain asserted itself and said, “Hey stupid. They won’t heal if you run today and you are already limping which will lead to increased biomechanical stress on your joints leading to other injury.” (The logical side of my brain paid attention during my chiropractic training.)

I listened and stopped. I’m so very proud.

On a related note, I have a dog question. The SO and Freckles have this weird foot fetish thing going. Every night she licks his feet. He says that dogs have always done that to him to clean up any injuries or nastiness on feet. He says dogs will chew off dead skin and lick wounds. I say they are both just nasty. Last night I woke up to searing pain in my foot. Under the Bed Dog (who was briefly on top of the bed) was chewing off the flap of skin over my shoe inflicted heel wound. Since this skin was not yet dead or unattached it hurt! She also really wanted to lick the sore. It was too painful for me. The SO is now all like, “Told you so, ignorant vet person.” Does anyone else have any experience with this?