Adventures in Women’s Fashion

You know the fitness saying, “Don’t weigh yourself. Focus on how your clothes fit”? I tried that. When I noticed my clothes getting tight I weighed myself and that’s how I found out I gained 30 lbs without noticing. What […]

Arbonne Challenge

I’ve been sitting at a plateau weight for months now.  There is a number I just can’t get under. I bounce around about 5 lbs above it but never get less.  This isn’t because I’ve lost so much weight that […]

Fitness Update

I have been doing Facebook fitness challenge groups.  I’m in my second month.  The idea is that you have a group of people who post three things every day: A post-workout selfie A picture of a healthy meal they ate […]

My Fitness Challenge

Molly, who used to hang around here but now we are Facebook friends, sent me a test workout video a while ago.  I liked it.  It was a combination of lifting and cardio. I decided to sign up for […]

My Yesfit Challenge

I’ve heard of people tracking how far they run/walk on a map to see your distance this year.  That’s cool if you run to Brazil or something but at my rate I’d spend a month just trying to get out […]

Reader’s Workout

  I haven’t done a Reader’s Workout post in forever.  I’m pretty happy with my fitness routine right now though so I thought I’d update. I signed up for Strong by Bret.  This is a monthly service that gives you […]

Reader’s Workouts

Yeah, I know, it has been a long time since I’ve done one of these. That’s because I’ve been a slacker. It started in March at the time of the husband’s cancer surgery and recovery. He wasn’t going to the […]

How To Choose an Infrared Sauna

For a while the husband and I have been talking about getting an infrared sauna.  He was interested in the supposed health benefits.  I just want to be warm.  I’m a cold person who takes hot baths every night to […]

Reader’s Workouts

  I was on vacation last week and so there were no formal workouts but I had to pop in to show off these numbers.   January 15 – airport day – 6569 steps – not so good January 16 […]

Reader’s Workout

It wasn’t a great walking week because it suddenly got really cold. Freckles flat out refused to go for a walk with me yesterday. I did go to the gym on Sunday. I walked two miles and interspersed lunges and […]

Reader’s Workout

I haven’t done one of these forever basically because I’ve been slacking.  I haven’t been doing any formal workouts at all.  Trying to get back to form now. I’ve been doing more walking in the morning because I’ve been having […]

Exercise on Vacation

Can you tell what days I was sightseeing on vacation? Our high was over 20,000 steps and our low was 11,000. That’s 6-9 miles a day. I’m surprised it was that little. Then I got home and my fitbit died. […]