Yesterday I talked about wanting to tell more people about the products that helped me lose weight.  When you sign up to be able to sell products, they tell you to have a party and invite your friends.  That would work if everyone you know locally wasn’t in the room with you when you learned about the product.  What do you do then?

That’s the spot I found myself in.  I literally didn’t know anyone else to invite to a party.  All my family lives a few hours away.  If I want to sell products, I need to do it online. 

I’ve also always been interested in people who build passive income streams online.  I’ve read their information but while I understand it in theory I’ve never quite understood how to make it work for me.

So I’m taking a course on online marketing.  One of the things I’m doing is starting a Facebook page to talk to other people who are running home businesses to see what is working for them.  I’m going to be having interviews and I’m doing Facebook lives about what I’m learning. If you also are part of a network marketing company, I’d love to interview you!

If you are interested in this information, join me on my page!