A while ago I signed up on Yes.Fit for a virtual race called The Tortoise Creep.  It was 155.1 miles long.  The idea was that you log your workouts and earn a medal.  I like tortoises so I picked this one.


I did well for a while and then pretty much forgot about it. I think I’m at around 100 miles in.

I decided that I needed some motivation for working out in December so I decided to do another race. I wanted to walk about 2 miles a day. So I picked the Sea Turtle Exploration race.  (You may see a theme…) It is 42.3 miles. I should be able to finish that this month and then get a good chunk of the Tortoise Creep finished.


They also have a race that starts January 1 that celebrates how far you go all year. Some people are doing that with just exercise miles. Other people are hooking up their fitness trackers to log all the distance they walk in a whole year. I may do that.

I just ordered myself a new Fitbit. I wanted to go old school with it. I like the ones that clip on. I don’t want to wear a watch. I don’t care if it does anything other than measure the distance I walk. I don’t need it to help me remember to breathe or track my sleep. I got the most basic fitbit and now you can get the clip but you have to pay extra for it instead of a wristband.

I have a conference and some time at amusement parks in January. That should be a good start at getting my totals up.

3 Replies to “My Self-Imposed Walking Challenge”

  1. This sounds like a good idea for motivation. I try to walk or cycle for at least half an hour every day and things like walking the twenty minutes each way to the shops every few days soon add up the miles. Poor weather easily discourages me though so I need to work on that.
    I hope you make it to your tortoise medal. It’s a beautiful design 🙂

  2. How does this work? I see its an app but how do you log your miles? I have a fitbit though no longer use it because I prefer a device that monitors my heart rate at the same time. it wasn’t clear from their website. Also some of the ‘races’ seem to involve making a payment?

    1. You can pay for races mostly to get medals. It also works as motivation. “I paid for this so I better do it.” They have a cheaper club membership where you can do the races and not get medals. I manually log my workouts. I’m going to do the 2020 challenge and log all the miles on my Fitbit, not just workouts. I’ll link my Fitbit to that race to log automatically.

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