I have a lot of books.  Well, compared to some bloggers I see I don’t have tons, but I think I have a lot.  Of the books that I have at home, I haven’t read most of them.  I’m sure I’m not alone in that either.  So I’ve decided to give myself a challenge for 2020 to read more of these books. 

I thought about this for a while.  I didn’t want to make a list or set a number or anything that would make me rebel.  I’m the ultimate mood reader after all.  In the end I decided to add a section to my monthly wrap up post to highlight I book I already owned that I read.  That way I hopefully would get at least one a month to put in that section.  I started to think about how to define a book that would count  – I couldn’t have bought it immediately prior to reading it, etc. – but decided in the end that I would know in my heart if a book counted for this or not.  

It is the perfect plan for me.  Low expectations and no rules.  Feel free to steal the idea if you like it.  

What do you do to read all the books that you have sitting around?