Everybody is putting out these end of the decade review so I have to join in.  (Can we just take a moment to acknowledge though that it isn’t really then end of the decade just like 2000 wasn’t the beginning of a new millenium?  Yeah, yeah, I lost that argument too.)

Anyway, I was thinking about the changes in how I read and select books over the last 10 years.

In 2009/2010 I was living in a small city in the middle of pretty much nowhere.  It had a decent library though.  I’d go all the time and browse.  I’d always check out the new books and then have a wander through the rest of the stacks.  It was small enough to do that.  I’d decide what to get based on what I saw.  

In 2012 we moved to a bigger city with an exponentially larger library with branches.  I’m fairly close to the main library and started browsing there.  I’d still scan the new releases for ideas mostly. This library was 3 stories.  I couldn’t wander efficiently through all the stacks. 

I’m not sure when that all started to change.  It had to be after I started making a TBR on Goodreads.  Maybe it was book twitter.  (Today is my 6 year twitter anniversary.  I only know that because it so helpfully told me this morning.)  Now I never go and just have a wander around.  I request books I want and pick them up at the most convenient branch.  In and out in minimal time.  

The only time I do any browsing is on the library ebook/audiobook app.  I browse especially for audiobooks.  I just tell it to show me what came out recently and I make a list of what sounds good.  

I also try to get as much as I can in ebook now.  That way I don’t even need to go to the library. It is instant gratification. 


Is it just me or has everyone changed their browsing habits too?