Lake walk

I found a park with trails by a lake and a river to walk on at lunch time. They don’t go very far but it works for a short break.

I am totally confused by my running situation. Last year I worked really hard at trying to be able to run and totally sucked at it. This year I am much better without even trying.

I haven’t run far because my shoes are old and worn out and are killing my feet. I have new ones ordered. The other day I did two half mile runs with about a quarter mile walk in between. Today I ran three quarters of a mile with really no trouble. I’m not looking at times or anything so I don’t know if I’m faster or slower than what I was doing last year. I know I’m still not fast but I’m not trying to be. I’m going slow so I can do the distance easily. I just think the whole thing is weird but I’m not going to argue about it if my body suddenly is able to run.

I also found the Yoga Today website. There is a free membership where you can watch the class of the week and you can download hour long yoga classes for $3.99. There are classes for all different yoga styles and levels of ability. I tried one of the free weekly classes. It was for hip opening. You know when you are doing a class and the instructor says something that you think, “I must of heard that wrong because that’s physically impossible!” and you look up and realize that they are doing the physically impossible? That was happening here. About the eighth time I fell over I decided that maybe I wasn’t up to that level yet. But I did find I nice Kundalini shoulder opener class that was very nice. I haven’t looked around a whole lot because I know I could rack up quite the download bill.