Fitness Tuesday

Wednesday I’ve been telling myself I’m going to do yoga on the days I don’t do CrossFit in order to stretch more. I’m getting tight from all the lifting. Today I actually did it. My plantar fascitis was acting up. […]


My fitness goals for last week were: 1. Set up my yoga space. Didn’t happen.  I tried but unpacking my sewing room was complicated by the fact that I found out that part of my fabric had been dumped into […]

Working Out

I found a park with trails by a lake and a river to walk on at lunch time. They don’t go very far but it works for a short break. I am totally confused by my running situation. Last year […]

Best. Day. Ever!

There is a thing called TMI Tuesday or Thursday, I can’t remember which.  Since I can’t remember I’m splitting the difference and posting on Wednesday.  You’ve been warned… As part of my last gynecologist visit I had a full STD […]