There is a thing called TMI Tuesday or Thursday, I can’t remember which.  Since I can’t remember I’m splitting the difference and posting on Wednesday.  You’ve been warned…

As part of my last gynecologist visit I had a full STD panel. An astute observer might point out that it is a bit late since I’ve been in a monogamous relationship for almost 2 years but we were being complete. I mean, imagine that conversation with the SO at this point, “Um, honey, whoopsie?” I didn’t expect to find anything but when I got the call today that I was clear I was absurdly proud. I wanted to go bouncing around telling total strangers that I didn’t have AIDS (yeah, yeah, I know, HIV, but it didn’t have the same ring in my addled brain). It wasn’t like I had done anything special besides being very lucky in my choices of sex partners but still. It needed celebrating. I wasn’t sure how to blog it and figured I probably shouldn’t put it as my newest Facebook status. I called my sister-in-law.

Me in super-perky voice: Hi. I don’t have AIDS!
Her, without missing a beat: Congratulations!!!!

That’s what I wanted to hear. Someone as insanely perky as I was feeling. If I hadn’t gotten her I would have had to have called my mother and it just wouldn’t have been the same.

But then, then, I came home and decided to do a hip opening sequence yoga podcast. In all my years doing yoga I’ve been frustrated (which is a very non-yoga feeling) about my inability to do the very basic and fundamental pose downward facing dog.

I just can’t get my heels to touch the ground. I have the most super tight hamstrings in the world. I was doing about the sixth repeats of downward dog and felt something brush my heel. I thought that was odd since Riley is outside. I looked at my heels and …… THEY WERE TOUCHING THE MAT! Years and years of yoga and I haven’t been close. I don’t know what was different today than every other day but I’m going to take it. I came to that very Zen understanding after I analyzed my posture because my first thought was that I must have screwed up somewhere else since it was impossible for me to do it right which is also a very bad yoga attitude.   That was when I decided that this seriously was the Best. Day. Ever!