Has anyone seen this movie? 

It is a 1980s Barry Gordy produced karate movie.  I loved this movie at the time.  I rented it from the video store over and over.  There was one thing that bothered me though.  I could never understand why they gave the bad guy such a stupid name.  If you strip off all his titles his given name was Nuff.  That is not a real name.  I remember spending a lot of time contemplating this.  Why was he named Nuff?

I forgot about this movie for over 20 years until recently when the actor who played Nuff died.  The whole name with titles was written out – ShoNuff the Shogun of Harlem.  In all my viewings of this movie it never occurred to me that the name was a joke.  I think I thought the movie was an action movie to be viewed almost as seriously as a documentary.  I missed the point that it was a comedy. 

I got the film from Netflix.  The SO and I are going to watch it this weekend to see what else I missed.  My only excuse is that I was a white girl from rural America who at that point in my life had probably never talked to a black person.  How was I supposed to know that this wasn’t how people in Harlem acted?  Now I have my self-proclaimed “off-white” guy from NYC to watch it with me and mock me where necessary.

I was pretty sure The Glow wasn’t real.  Pretty sure but not absolutely certain.