Happy Solstice everyone! I just came in from watching the sunset. That is something that I never take time to do. But tonight I made a small fire in our firepit and sat on the swing and watched the sunset. […]


I accidently accomplished #56 on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list yesterday – come out as a Pagan to a coworker. We were bored at work so the other vet and I went for a walk. She is Hindu […]


Happy Beltaine everyone! I did my own recreation of a Celtic practice that I’ve read about. They used to make two bonfires and then drive their livestock between them. They did this for blessings on and for good fertility for […]

Easter update

Easter dinner was interesting. You have to understand that we live in one of the whitest areas outside Utah. The family we were visiting is interracial. The husband is African American and the wife is Caucasian. We invoked them during […]


I’m celebrating Easter today by watching Jesus Camp, a documentary about fundamentalist evangelical Christian children’s ministry. I was never that out there as a kid but my churches would have proud if I was. We were taught all of the […]


The skeptical side of me often wonders how much of our mystical experiences that we have are actually ordinary things that we interpret as mystical because we want to have those types of experiences. A lot of religious thought was […]


I had plans for a nice little ostara ritual. I should know better. Spirit decided to be sick again yesterday morning. He was flat out on his side in the arena when I decided that obviously my drugs weren’t working […]

My whole new philosophy

I’ve finally decided what to call myself religiously. I’ve been thinking this over for a while. I’ve been trying grasp at some concept that was floating in the ether just out of reach. I was looking for a term that […]

Witches Weekly Question

From Witches’ Weekly via Turtleheart. Personal Ceremonies If you were to plan your own Wedding or Funeral ceremony, would you create two separate ceremonies for pagan and non-pagan folk, or would you just plan a ceremony around your beliefs. How […]

Women of Faith

Driving around San Antonio you see billboards advertising a Women of Faith convention taking place later this month. That’s nice, right? Harness the power of women coming together and celebrating their faiths as a force for change in the world. […]


Whenever I do any type of energy work I can feel a strong blockage in my chest. This corresponds to my personality. I’m really good at feeling negative emotions but tend to actively stifle positive ones. So I can easily […]

Mass for Broken Needles

Today I learned about the Mass for Broken Needles, a Japanese tradition where women take all the needles that they’ve broken to temples to be blessed and thanked for the work they did. Japan’s throwaway culture can rival that of […]


Words of Wisdom for Today: If you have just applied a thick layer of BagBalm to your lips, do not go out and kiss your horse. I went and visited a new pagany store that opened in a small town […]

Living your faith

I wrote a couple of posts ago about jokingly calling my SIL to tell her that she is going to hell for reading the wrong version of the bible. She called me back and left a message that she didn’t […]

A Voice in the Wilderness

How did I ever turn out so darn weird? The Me of 1997 would totally not recognize the Me of 2007. This is starting to cause some discomfort in my associations with other people. Luckily, I know that I’m right […]

Not so resolute resolutions

I’ve been reading everyone else’s lists of mini-resolutions. I especially like the one blog that used the term “bite sized goals.” I’ve made a list of my bite sized goals for January. 1. Make a pot of soup once a […]

Tarot for 2007

I’ve decided to draw cards for each of the months of year of 2007. January – 5 of pentacles – Financial instability, hardship (uh, great, but I am going to a conference this month and the cost combined with the […]