Last January I did a tarot spread for the year. Since it was such a topsy-turvy year for me I went back and reviewed it. I don’t really remember specifics about the first of the year so let’s start when it gets interesting.

August – 9 of swords – anxiety, breaking illusions

Huh, husband is starting to act weirder than usual.

September – 2 of wands – making a choice, seeing beyond illusions

Husband walks out.

October – the fool – adventure, inexperience, journey

Start dating again

November – ace of wands – creative awakening, new ideas

Start thinking about buying a vet practice.

December – 2 of cups – fulfilling relationship

Uh, sorry no.

The funniest part is what I wrote to end that entry.

Wow. I’m not sure I’m ready for all that.

I had no idea how unready I was! LOL. I had a person ask me today if I had a good year. I laughed and said I had an interesting year. For the record, I don’t think I’ll be pulling cards for this year. I don’t even want to know.