I started a scrapbook earlier in the year where I did a two page spread for each month. One page has random pictures I took in that month and the other page had a calendar with significant events of the month marked. Then if I had other events that I scrapbooked that month they went behind the month’s pages in the book. I like the idea and I have it done through the summer.

Here’s the problem. September. Significant dates in September include mainly the day the husband moved out, the day I canceled the adoption, and other events of the same ilk. How do I scrapbook this month? (I’m a dedicated scrapbooker. While the month was going on I was thinking, “This is really going to mess up my scrapbook!”) I have never seen stuff like this in any scrapbook idea books or magazines. I’m stumped. They were bad things but they are turning out for the good.

My scrapbooks don’t tend to dwell on the emotional. I think of them as public record so I don’t record my innermost thoughts so I don’t want to do something like write an essay about it.

Any one have any ideas or ever seen a separation scrapbook page?

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  1. Here’s an idea. I think you can use one photo for each important moment. Like an empty room. The cancelation papers for the adoption, etc.. Journal how it was like and how you feel now about the positive changes in it. Remember scrapbooking isn’t just about the photographs, but your journaling can be the main focus.

    I think CK has donen some things like this but a few years ago. You Can also try looking at the somerset memories, they always capture different things that aren’t normally scrapped.

    I hope that helps…

  2. I’ve never done scrapbooking, but perhaps put pictures of new growth – flowers first bloom, the first snowdrops, pictures of baby animals..?
    Something to symbolise new life, new oppertunitys: a crysalis of a butterfly or moth;
    Representing shedding an old life.

    Just an idea. =]
    Happy New Year.

  3. Not being a scrapbooker I’m not sure my ideas are sane, but maybe you could collage the receipt from the locksmith when you changed the lock, the phone bill from cancelling the adoption, a “to do list” with things that needed to be looked after as a result of all these changes… OR (more my style) you could find a symbol for this turning point in your life (I used a compass when my marriage ended) that spoke to you but others might not know what it was refering to….

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