Quilting Update

Sometimes I still quilt. Actually I have fully embraced the knowledge that I am a Process Quilter and not a Product Quilter. I enjoy making things. I don’t care about the finished product at all. On the plus side, that […]

Raspberry Kiss

I finished a quilt top! I checked the blog and I started this in January 2016.  Honestly, I thought it was older than that. I had bought a FQ bundle of this Birds of a Feather fabric line. I usually […]

My new toy

I was able to test out my kayak this weekend.  The husband had been saying that he was going to come with me to make sure I was ok.  I swear he is getting anxiety when it comes to me.  […]

Big Kiss Quilt

Over the weekend I saw a quick quiltalong on Instagram.  It was for the Big Kiss Quilt. I wanted to make it because it is great for showing off fabrics that I bought because I loved the pattern.  Then I […]

Flamingo Quilt

We have a finish!  I know, I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m a fan of Elizabeth Hartmann’s animal patterns.  I’ve made the hedgehog and the fox and the whale.  I really liked the flamingo pattern too.   About a […]

Garden Tour

I got all my plants into the raised beds and built the fence and it is working! No varmints have eaten anything inside the fence. Outside the fence it is a different story so I attribute the success to the […]

A Garden at Last

In the 7 years that we’ve lived here we’ve tried so many gardens. Every one has had issues. My yard is too shady except in the middle. I have rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and deer. They are stone-cold garden predators. They […]

Monthly Sewing Update

  2019 Color Challenge   This month’s block colors are shades of blue again. On Ringo Lake I quilted the first section of this one.  I’m using an overall bubble stencil but I can’t see it very well so I’m […]

Monthly Sewing Update

Oh my gosh!  I’m doing so good.  I’m actually sewing on a regular basis.  Mind you, I’m bouncing project to project so I’m in no danger of actually finishing anything but progress is being made on the major WIPs I […]

Monthly Sewing Update

It worked!  It worked!  I sewed so I would have something to say here.   True confession time.  I didn’t finish the whole post last time before it autoposted in January.  I meant to list all the WIPs (Works in Progress) […]

Monthly Sewing Update

I’m making this post in a fit of optimism on January 1.  It is going to be a monthly update on what I’m sewing.  The idea is that if I don’t have anything new to say at this time each […]

The Pineapple Quilt

About a month ago one of my coworkers asked me out of the blue if I had finished any quilts lately.  I was offended.  She knows better.  She knows I only start quilts and then they live half-done forever in […]

WIP Wednesday

Look! I’m sewing. I mean, sure, I list quilting as one of my major hobbies but I hadn’t been doing much of it. Recently I started working on two projects out of the gazillion I have in pieces in my […]