Sometimes I still quilt. Actually I have fully embraced the knowledge that I am a Process Quilter and not a Product Quilter. I enjoy making things. I don’t care about the finished product at all. On the plus side, that makes it easy for me to give away most of the things I make. On the negative side, it means that as long as I have something to putter around with, I don’t care if I ever actually finish anything at all.

I think I wrote a list of quilting goals for 2020. I can’t find the post right now though and that is likely for the best because, well … shut up.

It’s a new year. Let’s move on shall we? What have I been working on?

La Tarantella

This is my super long term hand piecing project. It is made in three long sections.


That is the complete left section with parts of the right section. I haven’t started the middle.


I found a weekly sewalong on Instagram because of course I needed another project.

This is supposed to be an English Paper Pieced project but I don’t understand the point of that technique so I’m just hand piecing it. Each week has a theme. The first month was different kinds of techniques. This week was to make a block that somehow represents home.


Bookcase of Doom

Back in 2011, Fandom in Stitches posted a Harry Potter themed bookcase quilt. It has lots of books and then random things from Harry Potter on the shelves. Since then they have added patterns for other fandoms too. They are doing a sewalong for the 10th anniversary and I always wanted to make one so why not? I haven’t started yet because I had to order my background fabric to make it uniform. I’ve picked some blocks from Doctor Who and Disney in addition to some Harry Potter blocks to make.

The Carousel Quilt

You do not even understand how close this is to being done. I WILL STAND UP LIKE SCARLETT O’HARA AND DECLARE AS GOD AS MY WITNESS I WILL FINISH IT THIS YEAR. This will make my husband very happy since we decorated a whole room based on the colors in that quilt. It has a space of honor waiting for it on the wall. Honest, I will finish.

I do best when I’m supposed to be updating on here regular-like. Peer pressure is good for me. I’m committing to monthly updates so I have to get some forward progress going so I have new things to share.