I got to be a continuing bad influence today. I have one friend who has been a die hard Harry Potter fan since the first book came out. I started reading from the beginning when the 4th one came out. But we have another friend who was the type of Christian who thought that Harry Potter was evil. We tried to convince her otherwise but she wouldn’t listen. Finally our overwhelming enthusiasm for the arrival of the last book this summer pushed her over the edge. She borrowed book one and read it. She’s now on book 4. When she finished book one her husband started reading it. He loved it. So we told him that whenever he finished a book we’d have a get together and watch the movie version of the book he just finished. We watched the first movie today. He was all excited. He even called me yesterday to confirm that we were really coming over to watch the movie. He’s working on book 2 slowly. Their transformation from anti-Harry Potter people to fans is about complete. Obviously we are aiding and abetting sending them straight to hell complete with a handbasket!