I got some earrings today. These came out of a moment of ex-wife madness. Right before Christmas the ex (who for reasons unfathomable has refused to forward his mail) received a Christmas card in the mail from a jewelry store. Now there is only one reason why a person gets cards from a jewelry store. They had to spend a bunch of money. I knew I certainly didn’t get any jewelry from him. I had a lovely moment cussing him out at the mailbox. I used more words on him in that moment than I believe I have through the whole saga. I almost threw the card away but I decided to open it so I could get good and mad.

It was a $50 gift card from a new store that was opening in the area. Apparently they had bought a mailing list and sent out cards. I had to take back several of my curses since he was not guilty of buying jewelry for other people. I also claimed the gift card.