I love Hobby Lobby. But the music that plays there drives me batty. They play instrumental versions of Christian music. If it was just background noise I could ignore it. But the problem is that I was raised as a good evangelical girl and when I hear the music my brain chimes in the words – for all the verses. Occasionally it will add in the harmonies. I don’t know what annoys me more – the fact that they play the songs or the fact that this wouldn’t annoy me at all if I didn’t know all the words. It is my raising coming out in full harmony in my brain.

2 Replies to “Flashbacks”

  1. ROFL Similar issue here. I appreciate the whole freedom of religion thing and they’re allowed to play what music they want, I just wish it didn’t get stuck in MY head, winding up with me huming “songs of worship” for the rest of the day when I don’t even believe the intention behidn the words any more. *sigh* (One thing I’ve started doing to counter this some-what, is buying and playing pagan “Hymns” in my home, chants, stuff by pagan groups. I figure if the music can set the mood in a christian home, it can do so in a pagan home too. *smile*)

  2. I have this problem with Christmas carols giving me flashbacks to my evangelical days in early college. The problem is at Christmas time, carols are played *everywhere* so I have a tendency to avoid all stores that time of year. At least I get a break from it most of the year, unlike you with Hobby Lobby.

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