I think there is a spell over my house. It is something similiar to what happened to Sleeping Beauty except that I haven’t pricked my finger lately. However my friend repeatedly poked her finger with a needle in my house the other day so it is possible that we are getting spillover from a spell aimed at her.
It is my sleep in day today. I didn’t have to head to work until 12:30. Left to my own devices I can semi-converse with the SO at 5:30 and then drift off until I wake up again three hours later. Usually I get stuff done.
Here’s the timeline of my morning today:

8:30 Wake up. Look and see if the dog is awake. She’s been getting up early since canned food has become a common part of her life. Decide to stay in bed and read.

9:00 Dog is still asleep but the cats are starting to consider making a snack out of me. Get up and feed cats.

9:30 Check my email and blogs while eating breakfast. Decide to abandon plan to drop off info at the accountant since my brain is way too lazy to get it together. Decide to work out at 10:00.

10:00 Ooooh, look! Facebook games. Shiny and pretty. I can work out at 10:30.

10:30 See the link that says More Games?

11:00 Downgrade exercise expectations to pilates. I do love a workout program that starts with “lie down on your back.” Another pilates plus – can do in a bathrobe with your eyes closed. No need for a bra. In the morning putting on a bra is a momentous achievement for me. It seems like it takes as much effort as running a marathon. I don’t like being braless if I’m doing anything other than sitting around so… sitting around it is!

11:15 Quit after half the workout because I’m falling asleep on the floor. Go take a shower.

11:30 Check on the dog. Make sure she is still breathing. Lay down on the bed and read some more while I dry.

11:55 Eat lunch while the dog (who finally emerged) is outside savoring the warmth.

12:15 Perform as the Goddess Depenser of Canned Food and receive proper homage. Realize I better get moving because I’m going to be late for work.
1:30 Brain still at half staff but I’m at work. Dressed, moderately groomed, and upright. My first patient just walked in so I guess it is time to do some jumping jacks and shake off the spell.