My herbs came today. So I started on my course of natural psoriasis treatment. Of course, I injected my lesions last week with steroids so my elbow lesion is minimal. That won’t be useful for comparison but the steroids didn’t affect my knee and I didn’t do my scalp so I can use them to judge effectiveness. I’m not very good at sticking to treatments but I’m going to try. Fingers crossed!

I spend most of the day downloading songs from Check them out if you like international music. They have free downloads and 99 cent downloads of songs from artists all over the world. You can listen to samples of songs before you download. This of course works best if you are more technologically advanced than me. I have dial-up so listening to a 1 minute song sample is a long and drawn out process. But eventually I was able to download songs from artists in Rwanda and Ethiopia.

I wrote before about learning Spanish by reading subtitles on DVDs. I’m still practicing on Angel DVDs and moved on to an episode of the X-Files. Yep, the esoteric vocabulary continues. Now I can talk about los vampiros and UNVIs (UFOs). Today I read my first blog in Spanish. I found it by accident and couldn’t find it again if I tried. But there was one very brief entry that I totally understood. I was so proud!! Tomorrow I start working with a new vet. She is a native Hindi speaker. I’m going to make her teach me some Hindi. I’m thinking we should have a word of the day. This isn’t entirely knowledge for knowledge’s sake. I would love to adopt from India. Of course if I learn some Hindi that would pretty much guarantee that my child would speak some other Indian language. I couldn’t be so lucky as to have it all come together like that.