A Merry Little Meet Cute

A Merry Little Meet Cute

by Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone
Genres: Fiction / Romance / Holiday
Published on September 20, 2022
Pages: 432
Format: eBook Source: Kindle Unlimited

Cowritten by #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Murphy and USA Today bestselling author Sierra Simone—a steamy plus-size holiday rom-com about an adult film star who is semi-accidentally cast as a lead in a family-friendly Christmas movie, and the former bad-boy pop star she falls in love with.

“The charming holiday romp you absolutely need in your life!” —Tessa Bailey

Bee Hobbes (aka Bianca Von Honey) has a successful career as a plus-size adult film star. With a huge following and two supportive moms, Bee couldn’t ask for more. But when Bee’s favorite producer casts her to star in a Christmas movie he’s making for the squeaky-clean Hope Channel, Bee’s career is about to take a more family-friendly direction.

Forced to keep her work as Bianca under wraps, Bee quickly learns this is a task a lot easier said than done. Though it all becomes worthwhile when she discovers her co-star is none other than childhood crush Nolan Shaw, an ex-boy band member in desperate need of career rehab. Nolan’s promised his bulldog manager to keep it zipped up on set, and he will if it means he’ll be able to provide a more stable living situation for his sister and mom.

But things heat up quickly in Christmas Notch, Vermont, when Nolan recognizes his new co-star from her ClosedDoors account (oh yeah, he’s a member). Now Bee and Nolan are sneaking off for quickies on set, keeping their new relationship a secret from the Hope Channel’s execs. Things only get trickier when the reporter who torpedoed Nolan’s singing career comes snooping around—and takes an instant interest in mysterious newcomer Bee.

And if Bee and Nolan can’t keep their off-camera romance behind the scenes, then this merry little meet cute might end up on the cutting room floor.

When a producer who has previously only worked in pornography decides to branch out to mainstream movies, he keeps his other life under wraps. He is making a holiday rom-com for a very morally upright channel.

Everyone is on this movie for a reason. The famous director is making this movie to get her wife’s script greenlighted. The male star is an ex-boyband bad boy who needs a career reboot.

When the female lead ends up in rehab right before shooting, the producer needs a backup fast. One of his porn actresses is available but he knows the channel is never going to approve her if they know of her past.

Things get worse when part of the movie crew can’t come and he needs to substitute with his porn crew who have also never made a family-friendly movie.

This book was fun if quite a bit more steamy than I usually like in a book.