The studying/cramming/panicking continues. I just made up a song and dance number to remember a chart full of numbers. I had the foresight it choreograph it sitting down or else I would have to embarrass myself by having to stand up and get my Bob Fosse on in the middle of the test.

I’m not the only one who may have gone plumb loco. I was drifting off to sleep last night when I heard the SO softly whispering sweet nothings. I figured out pretty quickly that he wasn’t talking to me. “You are a great hunter and you keep your fur very neat.”

I rolled over. He was cuddling Powder and crooning to her. “Are you trying to up the self-esteem of a cat?”

“She’s feeling needy today.”

“Isn’t that how monsters are made?  Convincing cats that they are even better than they already think they are naturally?”

“Don’t listen to your mommy. She’s mean.”

Obviously he doesn’t care as much about my self esteem. He kept telling how wonderful she was while I went back to sleep.