Ok, it is time to get serious about the dress from the depths of Hell. I have 2 months until I need to go out in public in a strapless bridesmaid’s dress. I swear that my fat armpits are getting worse.

I went to the grocery store today and stocked up on salad fixins. I hate salad. But when I lost 20 pounds before I ate a lot of salad. I was so sick of salad that I probably haven’t had one since. (By the way, I hate it when people find out that I’m a vegetarian and then ask if I ever get sick of salad. Vegetarians can eat more than salad. I’m living proof.) So salad – check. Other healthy stuff – check.

I also bought a Women’s Health magazine at the store. There is a triathalon article in there. There is also a training schedule that promises to get you ready for a baby triathalon in 10 weeks. I have no desire to be ready for a triathalon but it is a good plan for me. Biking, swimming, and running. I was planning on going for a bike ride tomorrow anyway. The swim days are on Tuesdays and Fridays which are the best days for me to swim. It is too late for me to go swimming today but I’m going to go for a walk to make up for it.

Yes, I said walk. Not run. I can not run. I can not run. I have to repeat that as a mantra or else I’ll think that I can run. Then my shin splints will act up and I won’t be able to walk.

The swimming days are 20 minute swims. I thought that was no problem until I realized that they actually meant 20 minutes of swimming and not my normal 30 minutes of pool time interrupted by the occasional lap of swimming.

I am going to put this on my refrigerator and I have to do it. I expect anyone who reads this to harrass me so I have no choice but to do this or face public humiliation. I expect you to be better at this than the husband. I told him the other day that it was his job when the alarm went off to tell me to get my “fat @#$ out of bed and go work out, you lazy @#$.” He said that he would modify the message and tell me. His survival instincts must have been on high that day. Then he slept through the alarm and only woke up when I kissed him goodbye on my way to the gym. A big help he is!

I’m on my way for my walk. Walk! My brain is already saying, “You could run a bit…..”

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  1. I don’t think women were build for running. Maybe a short sprint to get away from a hungry sabre-toothed tiger, but not for long distance running. Same thing for men but you’ll never get them to admit it. Walking is SO good! Biking, swimming and walking, excellent!

    I’ve lost four pounds in two weeks; sort of encouraging, since I lost three pounds in the past two years before that. Good luck with the goal for the dress!

  2. Ok, I’m not vegetarian, but I think you should post your menu! (although, now you’re eating salad, so …it’ll just reinforce the point). For us wanna be vegetarians, it’s nice to see what you eat though and see that there is life after salad!

  3. I can totally relate to the way you feel when people ask you if you ever get sick of eating salad, just because you’re a vegetarian. I gave up meat, poultry, and fish almost 15 years ago, and I honestly believe that I eat better then the average person! My boyfriend gave up meat too ever since I started cooking for him 1 1/2 years ago. My friends and family are also pleasantly surprised when I make a dish. I still have (and use) all my old cookbooks that have meat ingrediants, which visitors are also surprised to find when they come over. I gave up meat for my love for animals, so I definately found it difficult to give up the foods I loved in the beginning. That motivated me to experiment, and I’ve reached the point where I haven’t given up anything! Only difference is that whatever I crave, I more then likely have to make it myself (so that the ingredients don’t come from animal sources) rather then depending on a restauraunt, which suits me fine because it’s so much cheaper and tastier to cook yourself.

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