It’s official. I’m as blind as a bat.

I had to get my driver’s license renewed yesterday. Part of that is an eye exam. I couldn’t see anything. I remembered in the middle of it that the last time renewed I cheated to get through it. The guy ahead of me in line took the test and I memorized what he said. No such luck this time. I’ve really good at being sweet and charming when I need to be so the lady felt sorry for me and let me pass.

I left from there and went to the eye doctor. They laughed hysterically when I said that I got the BMV to give me a license. I’ve always been farsighted. I was first diagnosed when I was in fourth grade. I’ve had several eye exams over the years with the same results but no one would give me glasses. I’m not sure why. This doctor didn’t even hesitate.

Then I had to pick my glasses. The lady helping me kept having me try rimless glasses and very subtle ones. I was looking at it as a chance to accessorize. I finally found a pair that I considered “funky”. She came over and I showed them to her. She just stared at me for a while. I thought that maybe “funky” wasn’t good for me. Then she said that she wouldn’t have thought I could pull those off and that they had “pizzazz” but that they looked good.

I may just have to get contacts sometime. I can’t keep the same haircolor for very long. How do I think I’m going to be able to have just one look in glasses? I think I only need them for distance like driving and watching TV in the living room. But the doctor said that they would help close up too. He said that now I’d be able to read for hours. I laughed and said that I already read for hours. He told me that there was no way I should be able to do that. Nice to know.