Earlier this month I wrote about a new cat that showed up here and was intimidating all the other animals. She was also on a major campaign to be let inside. Well, yesterday she won.

Yesterday was our first really cold day with some snow. This cat has apparently been a house cat all her life because she has no outdoor-cat-coping skills. My real feral cats have grown thick coats. They go and huddle in the hay when it gets really cold. The rest of the time they go about their business like they haven’t noticed that it is cold. This cat’s way of dealing with a cold spell was to repeatedly throw herself against the door of the house. When I would open it to go outside she would try to dash in between my feet. Stupid cat almost killed me a few times by tripping me down the stairs.

I finally decided that she could stay in the basement. She can’t be on the main floor because my other cat is there. I haven’t tested the new cat for viruses yet and she scares my other cat. The other cat is also the only cat around here who was actually invited to live here by me so she gets priority.

I grabbed the cat and put her in the basement. She was so happy. But she’s decided that she really should be able to come upstairs. I told her not to push her luck. It is only because the rabbit that lived downstairs recently died that there is even a niche in our ecosystem for her.