A few weeks ago I got a Groupon for Mid-Ohio Comic Con. I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I looked it up to see if it sounded any good. I saw that Adam West and Billy Dee Williams were going to be there. Then I saw James Marsters. I’m a big Buffy fan so I had to go see the guy who plays Spike especially since I was getting a big discount!

This experience made me realize that I’m not even a beginner level geek and that I could run one of these conventions so much better. When I got to the convention center I found Beauty World convention and the Cheerleading convention first. Then I followed some overweight long haired guys to a Yu-Go-Oh convention. I finally asked one of the vendors there to point me to Comic Con since there were no signs. Once I turned in my ticket for a wristband there was no direction about where to go. Turns out you had to go upstairs. I managed to get a map because I saw other people with one.

This is what I expected to see at a Comic Con.


Mostly it was comic artists drawing pictures for people for a fee. With all those artists around you’d think someone would have good t-shirts but you’d be wrong. The shirts that were there were all poorly drawn and made in horrible colors. There is a huge missed marketing opportunity for women. The only thing directly for women were corsets. I need to start a t-shirt company called Geek Girl and make funny, snarky, colorful t-shirts that I would wear.

I did see the front of a Tardis but it was leaning against the back wall with no particular purpose.


I missed the James Marsters talk because I didn’t know it was happening. The info was on the back of the map that I found. There should have been signs around with this info on it. I thought about getting an autograph for my brother for Christmas but it was a really long line. I also am whatever the opposite of celebrity obsessed is. I’d have been embarrassed to line up and pay for a chance to talk to someone. There were also photo ups with him but he’s tiny. All I could think is “Would this actor make my butt look big?” Yes. So I took an illegal shot and called it a day.


To get back to my car I had to pass North Market so I stopped in. I never go past with out stopping here.


Look at those flavors. I wanted to try the zucchini bread but they were out. I went back to my favorite – goat cheese and cherry. It tastes like cherry cheesecake!