Sewing Day is Freckles’ second favorite day of the week. The best day of the week is whatever day she goes to the dog park. I understand why she likes that but I’m not quite sure of the appeal of sewing day. Does seeing the same people everyday get so boring that she is starved for company?

I know when the sewing people get here because the dog starts screaming and carrying on. I tried to record it yesterday but she calmed down when the camera turned on of course. Imagine this twice as loud and followed up with manic running through the house. This is a totally different bark than the “I’m going to kill the mailman” bark. The only thing that comes close is the “Pizza Man is here” alert.

I made this yellow block yesterday for the Dear Jane on Acid quilt. It looks much more psychedelic in the picture than in real life.


This is one of my friend’s college quilts. They started taking the class to make this quilt over four years ago. It is almost done now. She has several large quilts in process that have lasted longer than college.