Flamingo Quilt

We have a finish!  I know, I know, I can’t believe it either. I’m a fan of Elizabeth Hartmann’s animal patterns.  I’ve made the hedgehog and the fox and the whale.  I really liked the flamingo pattern too.   About a […]

The Pineapple Quilt

About a month ago one of my coworkers asked me out of the blue if I had finished any quilts lately.  I was offended.  She knows better.  She knows I only start quilts and then they live half-done forever in […]

Quilting 2016

I was a complete quilting slacker in 2015. Thank god for people having babies (words which have never before been uttered on this blog and will probably never be heard again) or I’d have never gotten anything made. This was […]

Quilting This Week

Last Saturday was Quilts of Valor’s National Sew Day.  I sewed together this quilt that has been stuck on my design wall since last May. I got the first block done for my Christmas Hedgehog quilt. I have the fabric […]


That is an actual finished quilt. Try to contain your shock. That is Orca Bay, the 2011 mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Yep, 2011. I actually worked hard at it and pretty much kept up with the clues. I had […]

Quilting Wednesday

Would you look at this? Actual quilting going on at my house. There has actually been tons of boring quilting all summer. It has been my summer of backs. I’ve been making backs for a lot of Quilts of Valor […]

Quilting Wednesday

There was a whole lot of quilting going this week. Nothing focuses you like a deadline. We did a Quilts of Valor presentation on Sunday at a church in Cleveland. We gave quilts to 14 veterans. I had several quilts […]

NQA Show

My mother and I went to the National Quilting Association show in Columbus yesterday. The quilt I found most amazing was this icon-like quilt. It is done with gold lame and paint. There are semi-precious stones on it too. Christ […]

Quilting Wednesday

My quilting this week involves binding. Lots of binding. We have a Quilts of Valor presentation this weekend and we are putting finishing touches on quilts. We had a sewing day this weekend to get a lot done. My machine […]

Quilting Wednesday

My quilting this week has been of the boring but necessary type. I made a back for a donated top. I’m working on quilting my anchor quilt. I just decided that I need to pull out the entire center section […]

Quilting Wednesday

I started sewing together the first column on my hexagon quilt! I immediately sewed one of the hexagons onto the wrong spot!  Now I have to get the seam ripper out to fix the purple one.   I finished a […]

EPP Progress

I knew I was within a few flowers of having the center of this quilt ready to be put together. I laid it all out today and was confused by the fact that it seemed like I had too many […]

Quilting Wednesday

I feel like all I’ve done is work on quilts this week! I finished 2 flowers this week. I’ve only got 6 left before I start putting my top together! I had a big, busy Quilts of Valor week! On […]

Quilting Wednesday

I finished 3 more flowers. I only have one more to go in this fabric and then I’ll be moving on to my last fabric. The turtle quilt is quilted and bound. I quilted it with straight lines in the […]

Quilting Wednesday

After I finished off getting six Quilts of Valor tops off to various longarmers around the country and all the quilt back making that that entailed, I was at a bit of a loss for what to do. I decided […]

Quilting Wednesday

I pulled out my anchor quilt to work on the quilting again. I was just doing wavy horizontal lines to suggest waves. I got the body of the quilt finished and now just have to work on the border. Piecing […]

EPP Link Party

I’ve gotten a lot done on my English Paper Piecing this month. I’m incorporating some hexagons onto a Quilt of Valor top. I found out that I haven’t been ending my stitches firmly enough when I took the paper out […]

Quilting Wednesday

I finished the binding on the Star Spangled Quilt. It will being mailed out to be used in a presentation for Quilts of Valor in Dayton. I’m still working on my 15 minutes a day project. I got the top […]