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That is an actual finished quilt. Try to contain your shock.

That is Orca Bay, the 2011 mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Yep, 2011. I actually worked hard at it and pretty much kept up with the clues. I had it done on schedule. I even made the pieced borders and then decided I didn’t like them and left them off. I had it quilted. This was all done by early 2012.

And then it sat. It didn’t just sit actually. It moved houses with us and then it sat again. I finally decided that this was stupid and it needed to be finished. It took me two weeks of procrastinating and then about 2 hours to bind it. Done!

I don’t really know what to do with a quilt that I am planning on keeping. I guess we put it in the living room and stare at it and then the dog lays on it on the couch. I usually give all my quilts away.


For my next project I’m going to make a Christmas quilt. I’m not a big Christmas fan so I’ve never wanted a Christmas quilt but I found one for me. I’m going to make Hazel by Elizabeth Hartman.

Photo from the pattern page. Click here for the link.

I’m going to make 4 hedgehogs in Christmas colors for a Christmas wallhanging. Maybe it will be done for next Christmas?

6 Replies to “Quilting”

  1. Oh my I LOVE the Orca quilt! It really caught my eye off the linky party. Dogs laying on it is okay! I speak from experience…love that you say “owned by lots of pets”! Your hedgehog quilt reminds me of Tula Pink’s designs. I love that someone else has quilts that are sooo close to being done, but strangely just sit at that stage for … well, a while!

  2. Congratulation on finishing your quilt, it’s a beautiful pattern and the colors are gorgeous! I love wrapping myself in a quilt while watching a movie, we all do in my family…:-)

  3. I love the Orca Bay! Pink and green are always so terrific together. And those hedgehogs are darned cute. Too cute to shut up in a closet and come out only for Christmas! I say they hang around all year. Merry Christmas!

  4. Your Orca Bay turned out gorgeous-ly! Too special to donate? No spare bed for it? It’s so lovely~as a dog lover myself, I hate to see this “go to the dogs” 🙂 Well done!

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