The husband is on his second day of sick leave.  He’s been watching a show about the Mongols.

Him:  You should watch this.

Me:  I don’t like violence.

Him:  There’s sex.

Me:  I don’t like that either.

Him:  There’s intrigue.

Me:  I like intrigue.  Can I get that without a side of sex and violence?

Him:  (cheerfully) Nope!

Just hanging out. #cat

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Riley Cat is also squirmy today.  He started out being super cuddly.  That’s so sweet.  I think he does it to build up bonus points to use up being naughty.  Then he had to knock an ornament off the tree.  He didn’t want to play with it.  He just wanted to knock it down because he could.

Then he wanted to lay on my arm while I was typing.  We had a moment of mutually assured destruction when he was about the claw my arm and I was about to let him fall off the desk.  We stared into each others eyes and finally he blinked and let go.

The husband walked by and said, “I was reading in the Sears Roebuck catalog that next year they won’t be carrying buggy whips anymore because that Henry Ford came out with that Model T.”  I asked him if sometimes he just can’t stand not hearing his own voice so he says the most random thing ever.  He declared me to be the meanest mommy ever and ran away.

Riley decided to knock the garland off the railing.  Then he jumped on Powder and started chasing her.  The dog joined in.  The husband yelled, “It’s the Mongol Horde!”

I kicked Riley outside to run off some energy.

He just reappeared while I was typing this so the husband must have let him back in.

I’m going to go to work at a high volume, walk in veterinary clinic just to get some peace and quiet.