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17 Dec, 2014


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WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

That is an actual finished quilt. Try to contain your shock.

That is Orca Bay, the 2011 mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Yep, 2011. I actually worked hard at it and pretty much kept up with the clues. I had it done on schedule. I even made the pieced borders and then decided I didn’t like them and left them off. I had it quilted. This was all done by early 2012.

And then it sat. It didn’t just sit actually. It moved houses with us and then it sat again. I finally decided that this was stupid and it needed to be finished. It took me two weeks of procrastinating and then about 2 hours to bind it. Done!

I don’t really know what to do with a quilt that I am planning on keeping. I guess we put it in the living room and stare at it and then the dog lays on it on the couch. I usually give all my quilts away.


For my next project I’m going to make a Christmas quilt. I’m not a big Christmas fan so I’ve never wanted a Christmas quilt but I found one for me. I’m going to make Hazel by Elizabeth Hartman.

Photo from the pattern page. Click here for the link.

I’m going to make 4 hedgehogs in Christmas colors for a Christmas wallhanging. Maybe it will be done for next Christmas?

26 Dec, 2011

Orca Bay Update

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I didn’t get as much sewing done this weekend as I planned. The SO got me involved in watching a Downton Abbey marathon yesterday. I love anything that can manage to work the phrase “no better than she ought to be” in to the dialogue. It makes no sense when it looked at word for word but apparently there’s always been a need for women to call other women sluts.

Anyway, I managed to get a good start on my 28 dark background Ohio Stars. I haven’t started the light stars yet. I’m still doing the step before as leader-enders so I don’t have to count them.

18 Dec, 2011

Orca Bay Update

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Step 5

I’m still doing the pink triangles from Step 4. I’m up to 101 of 128 though so that’s good.

Step 5 is Cut 700 Triangles. 700. My first thought was that I can’t count that high because I’d run out of fingers. Then I realized that I didn’t have to because I was supposed to sew two of the grey triangles on each of the 350 half square triangles so I just had to keep going until I run out of those.

I cut a handful of triangles and have been sewing them on as leader-enders while I’m making the pink triangles. Two birds with one stone and all that.

Z kept trying to get me to sew something different this weekend. I told her that this was the only project I was doing until after the move. She wasn’t buying it.

Z: Can we make a quilt for Daddy?
Me: I made him one before.
Z: You should make him one from me.
Me: No.
Z: It should be blue. Can I get into the blue bin?
Me: The quilt I made for him was blue. No.
Z: Can it be green?


Z: I’m going to draw up some designs and we can vote on what you are going to make.
Me: No. This is not a democracy. I’m making this quilt.
Z: I was thinking we could ask lots of people and they could vote.
Me: No voting
Z: People can vote.
Me: I am the emperor and queen of the sewing room. No one votes here. My word is law.
Z: digusted Fine

01 Dec, 2011

Orca Bay Update

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Orca Bay is the name of the mystery quilt I’m working on.  I had a slow start.  Step one was to make 225 hourglass blocks.  I wasted a day or two laughing.  Actually, 225 doesn’t sound too bad.  The directions actually said to cut 450 pairs of triangles.  That gave me giggles.

I’m totally not following the directions.  My colors are different which is a risky choice when I don’t know what the whole quilt looks like.  The hourglasses are supposed it to be black and white and I decided to subdue it a bit to grey and white.

I also made my blocks differently. Yeah, I’m a wild thing.  It all turns out the same in the end.  I ended up switching machines because I couldn’t get the tension right in my old machine.  The new machine and I had a bit of a learning curve but we have come to an agreement.

I worked on these during my Tuesday sewing time and finished up on Wednesday.  It didn’t really seem to take that long once I got a groove going.  In fact, I overachieved.  I did more than I needed because my brain was getting fried and I figured the math wrong.


It helped to have Netflix on my iPad.  It was acting up though so instead of being able to search or see my queue I could only see recommendations based on what I was watching.  I started out with Stephen Fry in America.  I like watching people from other countries explore the U.S.  It makes you see things from another perspective.  Then it recommended a documentary on the role of sex in movies.  I’m not sure how it made that cognitive leap but I watched it.  That led to a documentary about whether or not bisexuality is real.  It wasn’t that good of a film because I’m not sure what their conclusion was.  Then it gave me a 1977 documentary about gay people which was interesting mostly for the kinds of questions that were asked.  We’ve made huge advances in gay rights but in other ways it is the same ole problems for people.

Somewhere in all that I finished the 225 hourglasses and then I went for a run.  Then I started part two.  Make 78 3.5 inch foundation pieced string blocks out of blue. I got 33 strip pieced blocks out of green done. 


Still not following directions well.  I was hoping to get them all done so I’d be ready for this week’s clue on Friday.  Guess that isn’t going to happen but I got a good start on it!