Step 5

I’m still doing the pink triangles from Step 4. I’m up to 101 of 128 though so that’s good.

Step 5 is Cut 700 Triangles. 700. My first thought was that I can’t count that high because I’d run out of fingers. Then I realized that I didn’t have to because I was supposed to sew two of the grey triangles on each of the 350 half square triangles so I just had to keep going until I run out of those.

I cut a handful of triangles and have been sewing them on as leader-enders while I’m making the pink triangles. Two birds with one stone and all that.

Z kept trying to get me to sew something different this weekend. I told her that this was the only project I was doing until after the move. She wasn’t buying it.

Z: Can we make a quilt for Daddy?
Me: I made him one before.
Z: You should make him one from me.
Me: No.
Z: It should be blue. Can I get into the blue bin?
Me: The quilt I made for him was blue. No.
Z: Can it be green?


Z: I’m going to draw up some designs and we can vote on what you are going to make.
Me: No. This is not a democracy. I’m making this quilt.
Z: I was thinking we could ask lots of people and they could vote.
Me: No voting
Z: People can vote.
Me: I am the emperor and queen of the sewing room. No one votes here. My word is law.
Z: digusted Fine