About a month ago one of my coworkers asked me out of the blue if I had finished any quilts lately.  I was offended.  She knows better.  She knows I only start quilts and then they live half-done forever in my basement.

I was also a bit concerned because actually I was applying myself diligently to finishing a quilt for her for her rapidly upcoming wedding.


Yes, I hope ya’ll are sitting down, I finished a quilt project!


I’ve always wanted to do a pineapple quilt block quilt but that’s a lot of work. I had only seen them paper pieced. I found a handy dandy ruler that made it a whole lot easier to do.


I made the whole thing mostly with scraps from my magical scrap bin. No matter how many times I dug in there I always found more jewel tones to work with, even if I was sure I had emptied it of useable stuff the time before. I only messed up once and used the same dark fabric in the same block.

I also decided in midstream to make this quilt as you go.


I sewed together each row of 4 blocks and then layered and quilted them. I used the fussiest way possible to join them together but you can’t tell I did anything unusual from the front. There is just a folded under edge of the backing where each row is joined together on the back.


I added borders the same way. I had a different plan for the borders but hated it once I started piecing it. I got the husband’s opinion. He got all nervous and told me that supported me in everything I do. I told him that I was hating what I was doing so critique away. I might have created a monster. He had unsolicited opinions about binding colors and fabric selection after the one day when I asked for his thoughts.

It is at its new home now. I finished with 2 days to spare. I didn’t know how to act with that much wiggle room.


5 Replies to “The Pineapple Quilt”

  1. Congratulations on your finish. It looks great. I, too, have a lot of unfinished projects. Thanks for linking up your finish with Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday.

  2. Wow, it came out beautiful! I am always impressed when a scrappy quilt that is actually scraps comes out looking so good. And I love the border/binding treatment, it’s so dramatic while also being very plain to show off the piecing. I’ve always wanted to do a pineapple…but it’s so much work!

    1. I had a piano key border planned because I saw a picture of one on a pineapple quilt that was lovely. When I tried to put that border next to my center it was complete chaos. I don’t know what the difference was. I showed the husband the picture and he agreed. “This one is nice. Yours, not so much…”

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