These are my actual feelings and reactions while I’ve been reading books this week.  It isn’t as formal as a review but a little more structured than live tweeting.  Also these are real thoughts so it gets mouthy.

  • I know we win in the end but this is a super stressful book.
  • I want to go back in time and hug all the suffragettes who didn’t live to see the amendment pass.  It was 80 years from the beginning of the fight until ratification.
  • I have a life philosophy that you will always be on the right side of history if you just oppose the conservative American Christian church.  Works in 1919 and it works now.
  • The arguments that the anti-suffrage women used are the exact ones that I see conservative women still making.  You could put any of these biddies on FauxNews and they’d fit right in.
  • I’m going to give Eleanor Roosevelt a pass for being anti-suffrage at this point in her life because eventually her husband will piss her off enough to push her to the feminist side.
  • Edith Wilson does not get a pass.  This bitch is the de facto President of the United States after her husband’s stroke at the same time that she mouthing off about how women can’t handle politics.
  • Also, the lady that campaigned to start Barnard College when she couldn’t enroll at Columbia was anti-suffrage.
  • There were so many female full time political activists campaigning against suffrage on the grounds that women can’t be lowered to get into politics.  Do they even hear themselves talk?
  • Miriam Leslie – I want to read a book about her.  She became a publishing mogul and left all her money to the suffrage effort. 







  • I’m sort of scared to read this book.  Michael Pollan turned everyone who read Omnivore’s Dilemma into raging foodies.  Am I going to start craving psychedelics?
  • The husband says I can’t do everything that Michael Pollan tells me to do.  Well, he’s not the boss of me!  Apparently Michael Pollan is.
  • There is a report on using mushrooms with terminal cancer patients to get them past a fear of death.  A coworker was discussing her fear of death the other day.  Maybe she needs more magic mushrooms in her life?
  • I told her she needs mushrooms.  She said she will take it under advisement.  Good deed for the week – done. 









Ok now, this hero is a world class jerk.

Seriously, I would have DNFed this one already if it wasn’t an author that the Twitter hive mind recommends. That’s the only thing keeping me reading.

Now this fool actually is carrying on about how her body belongs only to him even though he hasn’t seen her in years.  Nope.  I hope an anvil falls on his head.

So much of this plot would be resolved by an honest conversation between characters.  I hate that.  

The plot is that they were courting but his family disapproved.  He went to the Army and was reported killed.  She married.  Now years later he is home and she is widowed.  He keeps showing up and making snide comments about her being a slut.  She slept with you, you dumbass.  That seems to be very poor judgement, I grant, but you have no room to talk.

Ew, in the middle of threatening her his interior monologue is all, “Why won’t she do what I want?  I’m such a nice guy.”

This dude is a majorly entitled asshole.  He doesn’t care who tells him no.  He ignores them, jumps to some erroneous conclusion, gets all offended on his own injured behalf, and then does whatever he wants.

In case you can’t tell, I’ve totally moved into hate-reading now.

She couldn’t have loved her late husband, he has decided.  After all her husband wasn’t him.  Jerk.

Oh!  If she’ll just admit she has regrets about her life he’ll forgive her.  FORGIVE HER!  She needs to stab this fool.

Oh bloody hell, he magnamously told her he’d forgive her and is pouty that she’s not overjoyed.  Kick him!

This man never heard of No Means No. He’s trampling all over her refusal of him and when she is finally able to get away from him, he decides she must be hysterical.

He thinks all this asshole behavior isn’t wrong. It makes him a man.

Now he broke into her bedroom and he gets it into his head that there’s another man there and wants to beat him up.

I never stopped hating him. He didn’t get an anvil dropped on his head. I am sad.