Renwick Gallery

My favorite Smithsonian museum by far and the one that I have to visit every time I’m in D.C. is the Renwick Gallery. This museum is dedicated to crafts. It is directly across from the White House by Lafayette Park […]

Jackson Forest

I headed out to California over the weekend to judge a trail ride. I was wooed with promises of the ocean and redwoods.  I didn’t see any salt water but there were trees. I kept the truck in the picture […]

National Zoo

There were more than just trashy animals at the National Zoo. Of course the main draws are the real animals. The National Zoo is famous for their pandas. It was hot.   They were sleeping inside. It was so hot that […]

United States Botanic Gardens

I never even realized that there was a United States Botanical Garden until the torture/interrogation scene in Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol that takes place in the middle of the jungle room.  I’m not sure what that says about me […]


It was time for a spring photo walk around the neighborhood with Freckles where I take pictures of flowers and try not to look like I’m casing the joint. I have baby blueberries! I planted two blueberries in containers last […]

Halloween 2015

Halloween is my favorite holiday.  I have to put a lot of thought into my costume.  I have to be able to work in it.  It can’t scare any dogs or cats or small children.  This year I finally came […]

Bath Abbey

There has been a church in Bath since the 7th century. This building was built in the 12th century. In the early 1500s it was left to decay and most of the expensive decorations were stripped out of it. By […]

Saturday Snapshot-Epcot

I am a Disney hater. I don’t like crowds or commercialism. I paticularly hate the idea of Disney because I have a stepchild whose autistic brain is obsessed with Disney. She has the parks, the hotels, and the cruise ship […]

Saturday Snapshot

Happy Halloween! I was Cruella Deville with my very own black and white spotty dog. Cruella and a spotty dog # Halloween A photo posted by @dvmheather on Oct 10, 2014 at 7:41am PDT I had a whole herd of Dalmatians.