My favorite Smithsonian museum by far and the one that I have to visit every time I’m in D.C. is the Renwick Gallery.

This museum is dedicated to crafts. It is directly across from the White House by Lafayette Park and next to Blair House.




They always have some quilts on display. This quilt is a map of an area of D.C. Each of the exposed seams are roads. Each of the red pieces are houses that were foreclosed on.


I always love art that fools the eye. Ghost Clock is one of my all time favorite pieces at the Renwick.


This isn’t a clock covered in fabric. It is a solid piece of wood carved and then bleached to look like this. I so desperately want to touch it because even up close it still looks like fabric over a clock.

This is Impressions. It is made of marble.


It looks more like marble in the picture than in real life. I thought it was a pillow when I walked up to it.

This looks like a typical quilt.


It is made of 16mm film.


I love the stained glass in this piece called The Birth of Eve.



When I was there one large gallery was being used for a single piece.

Lying on the ground under an art installion.

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A net-like fabric was hung from the ceiling. It mimicked the graph of the seismic activity during an earthquake that caused a tsumani. Beanbags were on the floor for people to lay down and look up at it. The light was a muted pastel. It was very peaceful.

If you can’t get to D.C. you can browse the collection online at Renwick Gallery.