Jackson Forest

I headed out to California over the weekend to judge a trail ride. I was wooed with promises of the ocean and redwoods.  I didn’t see any salt water but there were trees. I kept the truck in the picture […]

My week – how’s yours?

I’ve realized that I don’t write about my personal life as much as I used to.  In part that’s because I’m relatively stable (read boring) right now.  But here’s a rundown of what has happened recently: 1.  I judged a […]

Christmas in the Pines

I was out playing in the woods this weekend.  I flew down to Pensacola FL for a competitive trail ride. This was the weather on Friday. On Saturday it dropped 30 degrees.  It was cold and misty and very windy.  […]

Back to Alabama

I went back to Alabama for the second time in 3 weeks to judge a trail ride. I didn’t think this one was going to happen. It was scheduled in a national park which shut down last week. They managed […]

Trail Ride Obstacles

I was in Alabama this weekend to judge a trail ride. It went pretty well with only one sick horse. There was a minimal number of human injuries that resulted from humans doing something stupid. Have you seen those pictures […]

There is too much….

…. I will sum up, to quote Inigo Montoya. I’m getting very behind in my blogging. Last weekend I was here. In theoretically sunny southern California where it got to a high of 10 degrees less than predicted. When I […]

Too much. I will sum up.

I’ve been AWOL for a while.  Here’s what I’ve been up to. -My mother came down last Wednesday. -Thursday we drove to Virginia – We stayed with my childhood best friend overnight. She has one year old twins. – She […]

Spam Video

I’m off to Dallas in the morning to judge a ride but I’ll leave you with this video dedicated to all the spammers out there because you have to love “Baby Got Back” references.

RIP Elmer

From The Horse: National competitive trail mileage record holder Elmer Bandit, 38, passed away Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. in the pasture of his longtime boarding stable, Misty River Equestrian Center, in Independence, Mo. ….. In September 2009 Wood and […]

Wardrobe Malfunction

I am an idiot when it comes to packing to go to trail rides. There was the time I got to Louisiana with one pair of socks. At the next I was paranoid about packing enough socks. I packed lots. […]

On the Road

I’m on the way to Florida to be warm. Actually I’m judging a ride but it is going to be warm (for me). It is cool for them this weekend but I’m going to be basking!

Here and There

•I never did get to see the horses on the parade. The feed started having lots of commercial breaks so I gave up. • I am making another photo quilt for a coworker. This one has pictures of her father […]

Real life obstacles

I mentioned in the last post that we had the riders lead a horse while riding as a judging obstacle. We used a horse named Scooter as the horse to be lead. He was a safety horse this weekend. The […]

Ride time

Time gets compressed and warped at rides. I am not a morning person but judging days start early. The horses went out on the trail at 6:30 this morning. We travelled around and saw six judging spots during the course […]


I’m somewhere in Alabama. I’m judging a competitive trail ride this weekend. You have to be sort of trusting to be a judge in this sport. I realized as I was about to get on the plane last night that […]


While I was at the ride this weekend I heard a competitor talking about her horse being on a website. The horse is famous in the sport but apparently he is getting famous all over because I decided to google […]

Riding weather

I’m in Iowa to judge a trail ride this weekend. It is supposed to be sort of cold and definitely rainy. There are scheduled to be a lot of horses so I’ll get to spend lots of time in the […]

I’m back

I didn’t disappear and go into the witness protection program. I left LA last Thursday and flew back home. I got in around 6 PM. I had to fly out again to judge a trail ride in NC at 6:00 […]

Traveling on Holidays

Ah the joys of air travel. On Thursday my quick flight turned into an ordeal because of storms shutting down my destination airport. I was supposed to get there at 5 pm and ended up there at 11 pm. The […]