Lately one town I drive through has been targeted by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform for “education.” I first noticed it a few weeks ago. I was driving to work and there was a large panel truck with pictures of aborted fetuses on three sides. It appeared to be driving around aimlessly. I thought that was odd because this is a medium sized town. It isn’t the kind of place you’d think of when you think of protests.

Then a few days ago there was plane pulling a banner with the same picture circling the same road. That really made me suspicious because that seems like a lot of energy to expend unless there was a really good reason.

I did some research and found out that there is an abortion clinic in the town so apparently that’s enough reason. The organization doing this is from California. It just seems odd to me that they’d come to a little Ohio town to do something so pointless.

The other thing I always find strange about this is the outrage. My opinion is probably very slanted by the fact that I’m a vet and see mammalian innards for a living. But the pictures just don’t offend me. My opinion is that’s what happens in an abortion. It isn’t pretty but it is the truth. It always surprises me that it is pro-choice people who seem to throw the biggest fit about pictures being in public. In newspaper articles they always come across badly saying things like, “That is too horrible for anyone to see but it still should be legal.” Maybe that’s the point. Pro-life groups show the pictures to get pro-choice people on the record sounding stupid.