I just finished wrapping the last of my gifts for the year. They are all under the tree. Yes, I am feeling smug about this.

I’ve been making cookies too. I made Cream Cheese Cutouts that I found at Turtleheart Cove. This were great but I needed to get new baking powder. They turned out more like cream cheese crackers than cookies. Now that I think about it I’m pretty sure that I have only bought baking powder once in my life. I think these will be even better with powder that actually gives some lift.

I also made Chocolate Chili Cookies from Under the Pesto Nut Tree. These are amazing. There are so many chocolate chips that when I made the dough into balls it looked like a mass of chocolate chips with a bit of cookie dough holding it all together. My kind of cookies. I’ve told people about this recipe and they seem scared but trust me they are wonderful!

I also made Black Forest Fudge. This recipe was posted by Stephanie last year. Chocolate and cherries are one of my favorite combinations.

I’m off now to make more cookies. I don’t know what I’m going to do with it all. I don’t need to be eating it since I have that strapless dress to fit into soon.


Update on the mighty Macaw-hunting pointer from a few posts ago:

He did live through Thursday night. I saw him Friday and he was doing better. He has massive infections in his legs, cause unknown. I was sitting on the floor with him on Friday to give him fluids and the macaw wanted to come back out. I told her she had to stay put because she obviously gets him all worked up and I put his IV in his pointing leg so he didn’t need to be waving it around.