I’ve signed up for a Wheel of the Year photo group. The idea came from Pewari’s Prattle.

You chose 12 places near your house to take pictures. On the first of each month you take the exact same pictures and post them. You will see how that part of your world changes throughout the year. I have to decide what pictures I want to take. The links above have some good ideas.

Here’s what I’m thinking of so far.

1. A shot from my upper balcony out the second story windows. It overlooks open fields. When we moved here a friend who is big into photography said that if she lived here she would take a picture out those windows every season. I am stealing the idea.

2. A picture of Spirit. He’s old and not going to be around too much longer. Plus he turns from a hairy monster to a sleek and shiny horse and back again in the course of a year.

3. A picture of whatever is on my sewing table. Maybe it will encourage me to keep it a bit neat.

4. A picture of the kid’s room. Hopefully, that will change from having no walls to a finished room and then be decorated. As slow as deadbeat contractor works that could definately take all year.

5. The garden. Since I’m putting in a new vegetable garden it will be good to document it.

I’m not sure what else I’m going to take yet. I think taking pictures of a birdfeeder would be a good idea. But since no birds come to my feeder except in the summer that would be boring for me to do. Other people may feel free to steal that idea.

Another very pagan idea would be to take pictures of your altar. But I don’t have an altar so I can’t do that either.

Another participant had an idea to take pictures of herself in clothes that fit on January 1 and then take pictures of herself in those same clothes and hope that they get huge on her. I like that idea. I could take a picture of myself in the horrible strapless dress.

I want to take pictures of things at my house so I more likely to get them done each month. I thought about taking a picture of me working with Prize on whatever skill she is learning that month. But that would involve getting the husband involved and that can be difficult. I want to work on her driving. So maybe a series focusing on where she is with driving each month. It may not be the same picture exactly but it could show her progressing from ground driving to pulling tires to pulling a cart, hopefully.