This blog has been hijacked by Spirit himself in order to appeal directly to readers.

Help! I need someone out there to call the Humane Society for me.

I am an old man. True, in my youth I revelled in winter. I liked to stand outside in blizzards and let the snow pile up on my back. But didn’t we all do stupid stuff in our youth? I’m older and wiser now and I don’t think I should be forced to go outside by humans!

My human makes me go outside “for my health.” Ha! She has a whole list of excuses. It is good for my gut, I need to stretch my legs, etc. She said, “What kind of person would I be if I let you get rickets from staying inside and never seeing the sun?” I don’t know what rickets are but if they are like crickets I say bring ’em on. I’m not afraid of some jumpy bugs.

If that’s not bad enough as soon as I make some progress with my human the other ones show up and thwart me. Take yesterday for example. My human let me stay in and just play in the arena for exercise. She said it was because the field was so muddy but I know it was because I’m getting to her. Then after she left and I was looking forward to a good nap in my stall, the maid service showed up. I told them to just clean my stall and fluff my bedding but they hauled me outside and left me there. I had to wait until my human came home (after dark!) and let me in. Did she share my outrage? No. She did ask, “What happened Spirit?” like she cared but she was laughing so hard it was difficult to understand her. I just forced my head into my halter. Let me say she had no problem putting it over my head because my ears were pinned so flat that there was no resistance. Then I ran to my stall without even stopping to eat lawn grass.

This awful treatment of me can’t go on. That’s why I need to be rescued.


P.S. Tell the rescuers to leave Prize here. I like the idea of her being abused.