I had a lazy weekend. On Saturday I went to a pool tournament with the husband. That ended up taking all day because even though the husband got out in the mid afternoon, a friend of his stayed in for a while longer and we stayed to watch.
Yesterday we just hung around here.
Today I would like to be going grocery shopping before work but the carpet people called to say they were on their way. That was an hour ago and they are only coming from 5 miles away. The husband is getting his homestudy physical and then picking up his fingerprint report. He is convinced that there will be police waiting for him when he gets his fingerprints because it will have shown some outstanding warrant that he didn’t know about and he’s going to jail. I’m supposed to be standing by with my cell phone so he can call and I can bail him out. I’m afraid that I’m going to have to claim that I don’t know who he is.