Animals Behaving Badly

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Snowball doesn’t like to get up early. On mornings that I work I have to carry her downstairs and make her go outside. This morning I set her down like I normally do and she collapsed to the ground. She was so sleepy that she didn’t bother to put her feet down!

Workout at work was disrupted today by Max the macaw. She attacked the yoga mat. So I decided to use a blanket. That was fine until I tried to do situps. Then she grabbed my hair and tried to bite the top of my head. So we did only the standing moves.

Later she was running after me to attack me. I had to start carrying a broom with me for self-defense. She did bite a hole in my new Crocs. Her owner (the boss) finally put her away when she attacked the lead x-ray apron that I’d been wearing. He scolded her for attacking expensive stuff. I yelled at him for not defending his expensive vet!