The SO and I went to a thrift store yesterday. I love this store. It is in a poor area right next to a fancy-schmancy area so the clothes are of a much higher quality than you’d expect to find at a normal thrift store.

I went through and picked out a bunch of light sweaters to go under lab coats. Then I moseyed over to the shoe area. I stopped dead at the sight of a pair of leopard print flats because who wouldn’t? Then I looked closer. In the center of the shoe it said “Salvatore Ferragamo.”. I just stared. Designer Italian shoes in the thrift store? I put them on. I have wide feet but they sort of fit. It walked around a bit and considered if they were way too tight. Then I looked up one row and to the right. There was a pair of blue Ferragamo pumps. I put them on and they fit like a glove.

I was wearing them around when the SO appeared. He pointed to the blue ones and said that they were ok and that the leopard ones were funny. I was in a bit of a shoe induced daze.

“Fancy Italian designer shoes. Do I really need my pinkie toes?”

The big meanie said yes so I got the blue ones.


Now sit down if you are a shoe person. They were $4.99.

The whole bill for 12 sweaters for me, 2 for the SO, and the shoes was $60!