Crafty update:

1. I finished the bow tie quilt for the SO’s friend and got that delivered to her.

2. I bought a fabric on clearance that has cartoon-y witches, ghosts, pumpkins, and smiling spiders. It is purple, orange, and green mostly. I am making a Simply Strippy quilt out of those colors and then will use the Halloween fabric as the borders.
I haven’t bought fabric for anything other than backing and borders in over a year. I haven’t done that on purpose I just ended up suddenly very poor at this time last year. I’ve been making quilts from what I have on hand and not making a dent in the stash amount. But I realized that I’m ending up with fairly small amounts of lots of fabrics. I never bought large quantities. I usually bought a 1/4 yard unless I LOVE it and then I might get a 1/2. So I decided to do this simple quilt as a way to use up a lot of pieces that may be too small to use in other ways. Then I’m going to have to start shopping again!

3. I had a coworker ask me if I could do a photo quilt for her mom. She brought me the photos on Wednesday and asked if it was possible to get it done by Christmas. I was afraid of that. Sure, why not? Sew like the wind.


The pants that I wear to work are 2% spandex. When I get them out of the dryer they are shrunken. So I start out my mornings feeling like a fat pig because I can hardly zip them. I know that by noon they will be big on me but still I feel fat in the morning. On Wednesday I put them on and thought it was weird that they hadn’t shrunk so much in the wash. By 10:00 when we were working out at work it dawned on me that maybe it wasn’t that they hadn’t shrunk – maybe I had shrunk! I weighed myself and I was down three pounds. (I also considered the fact that the spandex was breaking down from repeated washings so they didn’t shrink anymore – I’m a pessimist). I tested the theory with other pants and I am definitely smaller! The working out at work is working! I haven’t really changed my eating habits so that’s it. I am more motivated now that I see results so next week I’m upping our reps. We are supposed to be doing 50 of the moves and we have worked up to 30 so far. We are wimps and I’m still seeing results!