What a completely weird month.  I started out reading like crazy and then I went on vacation.  The reading came to a screeching halt.  I started a lot of things but nothing was really taking.

I ended up reading 15 books this month.

See, I went off to a great start.  These were awesome.

Then I started binging food books.

These were mostly good. I wasn’t crazy about the maple syrup one. I read all the above books before April 15.

Then I went on a few days of just DNFing everything right before vacation. I packed up my vacation books with huge hopes and then mostly stared at the water for a week. Not that that’s a bad thing but no books were getting finished.


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A post shared by Heather (@dvmheather) on

I jump started my reading again by binging a whole series of graphic novels.

The books were:

  •   13 fiction and 2 nonfiction
  •   2 audiobooks
  •  Set in England, Egypt, Taiwan, and the U.S. (Connecticut, Florida, New York, California, Montana, Illinois, and Washington)

There were 11 unique authors.

  •  8 female and 3 male
  •  3 POC (East Asian, African American, and Middle Eastern) and 8 white

Reading All Around the World challenge from Howling Frog Books

  • Read a nonfiction book about the country – or
  • Read fiction written by a native of the country or someone living for a long time in the country.

I added Taiwan by reading The Third Son. Yes, I’m counting it as a separate country.
I also added Egypt by reading Revolution for Dummies.