It’s Armchair Book Expo time!  If you don’t know, this is the home participation part of Book Expo that is happening now in New York.

I went last year in Chicago but I hated the idea of going to New York.  Is it just me?  I can’t be the only person who is not at all interested in spending time in New York, can I?  Ugh, it just seems so oppressive feeling the few times I’ve driven though. 

Anyway, I was one of the on-site correspondents for Armchair BEA last year.  This year I’m helping with the social media parts of Armchair Book Expo.  If you come to the Twitter parties (and you totally should), you’ll see me around.

Introduction Questions


I am…  at my last day at my job if you are reading this between 10 AM and 6 PM Eastern time on May 31.  This is a YAY not a OH SORRY. 

My least favorite … things to read are:

  • cozy mysteries
  • westerns
  • books with billionaire in the blurb
  • books celebrating really stupid life choices especially if they are made by teenagers

My favorite … bloggers to find and follow:

  • read a really eclectic group of books – fiction of all genres and nonfiction
  • don’t take themselves too seriously.  Stream of consciousness tangents during book reviews are totally encouraged.
  • read books set all over the world by authors from all over

If that sounds like you, yell and wave your hands around in the comments. 




17 Replies to “Armchair Book Expo – Introduction”

  1. I can agree with the stupid life choices thing. Obviously characters have to make mistakes sometimes to have an interesting story, but there are times when characters do things that are too stupid or they never acknowledge that it was stupid that I can’t take the book seriously (especially if the entire book revolves around said stupidity).

  2. It looks like we are opposites in a lot of ways, but I have to agree with you about “books celebrating really stupid life choices especially if they are made by teenagers.” I have been to Book Expo in NY twice, when I lived about 90 minutes north of Manhattan. Now I live in Maryland, and I definitely don’t like making the trip. If I need a city, I travel 30 minutes to DC. I plan to join a couple of Twitter parties, so I’ll hope to see you there!

  3. I lived near New York for 17 years, and there are some great things about it, but I got tired of it by the end and didn’t even want to go into the city. It is amazing, but also overwhelming and exhausting; often it’s truly not worth the trouble. Now I live 90 minutes from Boston and I enjoy that city must better. If only Book Expo would come here!! Oh well, at least we can enjoy this event from our armchairs.

  4. I spent a year in NYC for school, so I totally understand the hesitation to spend time there if you haven’t already visited. It can certainly be overwhelming! Congratulations on your last day of work! 🙂

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