Wandering around Old Town Prague you are overwhelmed by the number of cannabis shops – at least you are if you are still from a place without legal marijuana like us.


I didn’t try any of that, although one place was advertising a Fruity Pebbles blend that seemed intriguing. I did get to try one thing that I always wondered about. I got to try mead! Blame my historical fiction and fantasy reading side for needing to know what that tasted like. We found it at a booth in the Old Town Market, an open air market that started in 1232. I really liked the mead. I’m not a person who usually likes alcohol so that was impressive. That market also sold cannabis energy drinks which seems like a contradiction but what do I know?

It was the week before Easter so there were Easter Markets set up everywhere. One was set up in the main square near the statue of Jan Hus. He was a religious reformer before Martin Luther. He seems a very serious fellow so I’m not sure how he would have felt about having a large bunny set up beside him.


That square also has the Astronomical Clock. On the hour it does a little show. Crowds gather thick but the show is only 30 seconds long. So of course, my Sicilian-American husband says loudly, “That’s it? The one in Messina (Sicily) was better.” He wasn’t wrong but maybe not the time or place for that observation.


I did some wandering around just to look for street art. This is Jedzec by Michal Gabriel.


Of course I had to go looking for the horse statues. This is the statue of King Wenceslas riding an Upside-Down Dead Horse by David Cerny. It is supposed to be mocking the Czech leadership but no one seems to know for sure exactly what it means.



There was a little store that just sold ducks.

Old Town Hall is next to the Astronomical Clock is a pretty nondescript building on the outside but then you step inside to all the glam and glitz. It’s so shiny!



I do appreciate some focused graffiti and smart puns.


Jackdaws were my favorite new birds on this trip.


As a GenX person who was a senior in high school when the Berlin Wall came down, I got some feelings when this street musician in Prague started playing “Winds of Change.”