I LOVE The Princess Bride. I can’t stress that enough. I first started watching it obsessively when it came out on video back in the day. Cary Elwes was absolutely beautiful. I was in love.

I wasn’t sure at first if I wanted to read this to see the pictures or listen to it on audio. It is only 7 hours on audio and I usually do longer books to get my Audible money’s worth.  I decided on audio because a lot of the people involved in the film voiced their own sections of the book, including Rob Reiner, Billy Crystal, Wallace Shawn, Robin Wright, Carol Kane, Chris Sarandon, and Christopher Guest. How can you resist that?

A lot of the stories in this book I had heard before but what comes through in this book is the absolute love that everyone involved in the production had for the project. They still love it.

A Few Things I learned that I didn’t know:

  • Wallace Shawn was lecturing at Oxford on his days off from filming.
  • The horse that Andre was supposed to ride at the end wouldn’t get him get on his back.  Smart horse.
  • Robin Wright had to commit to an extra year on her soap opera to be allowed the time off to film The Princess Bride

If you love the film, if someone reciting a line of dialogue will make you smile every time, if you don’t need to have the DVD playing to repeat most of the scenes word perfectly – then this is the book for you.